Ss. Simon and Jude Catholic Church

32500 Palmer Rd. Westland, MI 48186


Parish Finance Council

PARISH COUNCIL STAFF (1 year term; renewable for 1 year):

Council Chairperson- Tom Kyle

Vice Chairperson- Kathy Hansen

Secretary- Mickey Hansen

Pastor- Fr. Gerry Bechard

COMISSION MEMBERS (1 year term; renewable for 1 year):

Tom Kyle

Mickey Hansen

Kathy Hansen

Judy Shackelford

Betty Booher

Sally Sztrecska

Mark Tarjeft

Did You Know?
Below is a comparison of income from envelopes for the third quarter of last year compared to this year:

July – September 2012: $44,741.00
July – September 2013: $46,995.50
5% increase

Average weekly use of envelopes:
July – September 2012: 140
July – September 2013: 131
7% decrease

Parish registrations:
July 1 2012 : 594 families
June 30, 2013: 649 families
9% increase

While other parishes in the area are losing membership,
SS. Simon & Jude is increasing.

This is significant and encouraging.